18 Muharram 1446 - 24 July 2024
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Eye of Riyadh
Government | Wednesday 7 February, 2024 11:57 am |

Dubai Courts’ Notary Public: A Digital Revolution for Enhanced Accessibility and Efficacy in Legal Services

The Notary Public Department in Dubai Courts has emerged as a pivotal player in the elevation of its services and the evolution of its systems for all customer segments. This significant transformation aligns seamlessly with the government’s directions and is firmly rooted in the vision of Dubai Courts, a global leader in judicial excellence. Through a profound collaboration with internal support units and strategic partners, a masterful transition of its electronic notary public services into an all-encompassing digital platform has been brought to fruition. This paves the way for customers to tap into a holistic digital service, irrespective of their location, facilitated by the use of digital identity.


Ahmed Khalaf Al Hosani, Director of the Notary Public Department in Dubai Courts, has clarified that to ensure easy access to notary public services, 105 private notaries have been licensed among lawyers and full-time professionals, distributed across 73 offices. This was materialized subsequent to their successful completion of the training and examination period, and has been geographically distributed throughout the Emirate of Dubai. Significantly, all law offices have been equipped with service packages, enabling them to provide accurate and expedited services to customers. As 2023 drew to its close, the total number of notary public transactions reached 362,082 digital transactions, and the number of private notary transactions reached 143,321 digital transactions, representing 39.58% of the total notary transactions.


Al Hosani further elaborated that a selection of services has been transitioned, with remarkable precision, to the “Fast Track” electronic system, devoid of human intervention. This allows for direct and automatic authentication by the digital notary system, predicated on a pre-prepared model after verifying the customer’s data. This initiative is designed to conserve the time and effort of customers and encompasses services such as the declaration of unemployment, guarantee declaration, power of attorney for cases, and power of attorney for judicial visits. These services have culminated in a total of 7,217 transactions.


In the realm of customer satisfaction, the Notary Public Department’s services resonated positively, garnering a satisfaction rate of 99% in 2023

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