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Eye of Riyadh
Beauty & Style | Thursday 25 August, 2022 9:41 am |

Twenty4’s new Recycle collection is all about sustainability and not letting fashion go to waste

When the Middle East’s homegrown brand Twenty4 — which has positioned itself as a “value-fashion” proponent — was asked what constitutes real “value”, it unequivocally answered: Moving with customer movements. This is to say, value fashion must encompass customers’ non-negotiable expectations, such as utmost quality, affordability and durability, in addition to new-found propensities for sustainability and cause-related consumerism. 


It was the same principle behind Twenty4’s “glocal” offerings — the balance of global fast fashion and Middle Eastern sensibilities — which struck a chord with the fashion-conscious generation in the region. So, with the value-fashion brand now announcing its new collection, Recycle, there is an accompanying element of curiosity as to what it symbolizes. 


Recycle — as the name suggests — is an all-new unisex collection made from recycled cotton sourced from repurposed production scraps and retired textiles. Using recycled cotton saves at least 20,000 litres of water that would otherwise be spent making one kilogram of new cotton. To put this into perspective, a pair of jeans, which weighs 750 grams on average, has a water footprint of 15,000 litres, besides a considerable ecological footprint throughout its life-cycle, from material sourcing to chemical dying to eventual discarding. 


With shoppers in the Middle East becoming increasingly eco-conscious and aligning themselves with global priorities, the case for sustainable fashion is robust in the region, leading to Twenty4’s timely launch. Most importantly, Twenty4 — known for its ability to strike a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality — has given Recycle the loungewear characteristic while making it a year-round collection as a sustainable option should be. 


If you are a conscientious customer who gravitates towards purpose-led fashion, Recycle is for you. The collection offers shorts, drop-shoulder crew-neck t-shirts, hoodies and elasticated joggers in soothing greys, earthy beiges, mellow pinks, icy blues, and sage greens. Every Recycle apparel comes with a loop-arrow-encapsulating-a-world-map logo, which signifies the global relevance of recycling, eco-friendly materials, and responsible consumerism. 


In addition to the logo, each apparel carries a pigment print and a canvas patch that emphasize the broader purpose it stands for. While these boast a singularity in themselves, the use of recycled cotton results in subtle variations that make each apparel unique in texture and feel. The sustainability logo and unique texture are Twenty4’s way of giving shoppers something they can wear like a badge of honour. 


The advent of Recycle brings winds of change in a regional fashion industry that is yearning for greater alignment with global priorities. Worldwide, there is a pressing need for the fashion industry to be predicated on social justice, gender equality, and ecological integrity. Raising awareness is indeed the first logical step, where branding such as the Recycle logo plays a key role. The emphasis is also on increasing the “value” in terms of design quality, environmentally responsible production, and accessibility for people across the socio-economic strata. 


While the clothing industry has one of the highest ecological footprints, its sustainable transformation is on the back burner compared to other carbon-heavy sectors. Many believe that the lack of visible shift is primarily owed to the very nature of fashion — how its distinction as the ultimate form of self-expression makes it averse to change as existing practices continue unabated. However, Twenty4 believes sustainable fashion is not paradoxical, that it can be accomplished at scale with methodical strategies and “value” creation. 


The impact-led brand has, true to its belief, taken the first decisive step towards promoting sustainable fashion in the region by launching Recycle. The new collection characterizes all the “value” that is synonymous with the brand in addition to having sustainability at its core. Symbolically, Recycle posits that sustainable fashion does not connote compromise — that it can be super trendy, affordable, and unapologetically statement-making. 


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