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Beauty & Style | Wednesday 22 June, 2022 1:47 pm |

Value fashion brand Twenty4 launches Activewear, a range of chic and comfy workout apparel for women

Twenty4, a leading value fashion brand in the GCC region and a BMA International subsidiary, has announced the launch of Activewear, a range of attractive sportswear for women. Big on style, the Activewear range effortlessly combines aesthetics and utility, adding a dash of oomph to workout sessions. 




Scientifically designed, Twenty4's new line caters to modern, health-conscious women who want to make a statement with their gym wear, cognizant of the fact that, in order to feel good, you have to look good. The functional and comfortable sportswear enables them to put their best foot forward — literally and figuratively. 




“We believe that sportswear should encourage a person to overcome lethargy and hit the gym. With Activewear, we have designed a range that is a perfect amalgam of panache and comfort. A great deal of thought and a whole lot of fabric science have gone into the creation of this range. We are sure the collection will hit the right note with women who are vehemently pursuing an active lifestyle,” said Mushtaq Jaffar, KSA Brand Head of Twenty4. 




Activewear features tights and matching crop top sets in multi-colour prints and soothing, summer-friendly hues like solid sage green. For those who prefer classics, Twenty4 has options in jet black and whites. Additionally, factoring in the whole gym-going experience, the value-centric brand has launched post-workout sweatshirts and hoodies in many pastels. Polyester tank tops in whites add a new stylistic dimension to working out. 




Lightweight materials ensure one does not feel restricted while working out, allowing a full range of movements. Be it a light session in the gym or an intense jog on the road, the choice of clothing can make all the difference. This is where Activewear scores big, with its utilitarian design, impeccable tailoring, and sweat-wicking fabric that sits easily on the skin without irritating it. 




“When operating in a niche such as value fashion, the product design and development requires a multi-pronged approach. The aesthetics cannot detriment the functionality, and vice-versa. The same thought process went behind the launch of Activewear. We will continue to foster value fashion — an industry segment we are proud to call our own,” added Mushtaq Jaffar. 


Consistent with Jaffar’s beliefs are Twenty4’s value propositions such as “glocal” offerings — the balance of global high-street fashion and Middle Eastern sensibilities. Following its recent expansion spree, Twenty4 now boasts over 40 outlets in the GCC region and 34 in the KSA alone — all located strategically to increase brand accessibility for customers. This customer-centric approach also saw the brand launch WhatsApp shopping in Kuwait, Bahrain, and the UAE.


For more information, and to browse through Twenty4’s Ramadan 2022 Collection, please click here.


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