13 Dhu al-Hijjah 1445 - 20 June 2024
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Eye of Riyadh
Environment & Energy | Thursday 1 February, 2024 12:16 pm |

Saeed Al Maktoum: We strive to preserve the Marine Environment to enhance Dubai’s Position as a Leading Maritime Hub

The Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC) has launched an environmental campaign to raise public awareness about the importance of preserving marine environments and avoiding practices that negatively impact them. This initiative aims to unify efforts to achieve the United Arab Emirates' goals for enhancing the quality of marine life, preserving it, and sustaining its natural resources to support the national economy.


Shaikh Dr. Saeed bin Ahmed bin Khalifa AlMaktoum, the Executive Director of Dubai Maritime Authority (DMA) at the Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation, emphasized the general public's and specifically, fishermen's and sea-goers' awareness of the necessity to conserve marine life in the Dubai waters. He highlighted the importance of collaboration among all entities and community segments to maintain a sustainable and clean marine environment both on the surface and at the seabed.


The Executive Director of DMA emphasized the Corporation's keen interest in achieving the UAE’s objectives regarding enhancing the quality of marine life and preserving its natural resources to support economic growth. The DMA regularly promotes environmental awareness, advocating for the importance of preserving the marine environment, promoting the use of eco-friendly engines, and launching awareness campaigns to safeguard Dubai's seascape and attract residents and tourists, he added.


Shaikh Saeed pointed out that the Authority regularly launches awareness campaigns throughout the year to spread the necessary awareness about the importance of conserving the marine environment in the emirate. He mentioned the Authority's efforts in conducting workshops on marine pollution prevention, including identifying pollution sources, implementing measures to reduce them, and promoting practices to preserve the marine environment.


Sheikh Saeed warned of the risks and damages of marine pollution, including losses in natural resources, marine life mortality, damage to fishery wealth, and its economic repercussions. He highlighted the potential harm that pollution could cause to marine protected areas, mangroves, and coral reefs.


Sheikh Saeed added that DMA’s dedicated teams are working through the campaign to disseminate awareness to the PCFC’ stakeholders, the community, and the public through various communication channels, including email, WhatsApp service, social media accounts, and other channels that contribute to raising awareness of the importance of preserving the marine environment.


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