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Eye of Riyadh
Environment & Energy | Monday 14 December, 2015 3:36 am |

SABIC scores 97 out of 100 for sustainable supply chain and climate reporting

SABIC achieved a score of 97 out of 100 for environmental reporting to CDP, 37 percent above the average score, in a global program aimed at achieving sustainable supply chain management and reduction of climate change risk.

The score by the CDP, formerly known as Carbon Disclosure Project, is for its Global Supply Chain Program.

“We are pleased with the results of this global report as sustainability is a key foundation of SABIC’s 2025 strategy,” said Awadh Al-Maker, Executive Vice President, Technology and Innovation, SABIC. “Sustainability is helping us to emerge as a global leader in petrochemicals and benefit communities where we operate all over the world.”

The positive news comes as SABIC is taking part in the Conference of Parties 21 (COP21), the UN conference aiming to reach a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, taking place in Paris until Dec. 11.

“Our score of 97 is a strong achievement and a good basis to monitor our further improvement in the coming years,” said Atieh Abu Raqabah, General Manager SABIC Corporate Sustainability. “Our approach is based on measurement, accountability, transparency and collaboration with our stakeholders.”

Ali Al-Ghamdi, Director Environmental Affairs at SABIC, added: “We report to CDP to benchmark our environmental performance and to see where we can further improve our energy-efficiency and impact on climate change. By developing solutions to environmental challenges, we add value to our customers, become more competitive and support SABIC’s growth.” 

CDP is a global organization that aims to transform the way the world does business to prevent dangerous climate change and protect natural resources. The organization claims to hold the world’s largest collection of self-reported climate change, water and forest-risk data, and ranks companies and cities on the impacts and dependencies they have on the world’s natural resources and strategic management.

This year CDP’s Supply Chain Program benchmarked over 4000 companies, including SABIC, on the quality and completeness of their climate change and energy-efficiency data. SABIC scored 97 out of 100 on disclosure, ranking SABIC among the top performers in the petrochemicals industry and the Middle East. SABIC reported privately to CDP in 2015, meaning that our score and climate change questionnaire are not publicly available on the program website.

The disclosure score, an assessment of the quality and completeness of a company’s response, evaluates Governance and Strategy, Risk and Opportunity Management, Emissions Management and Verification. 

Companies utilize CDP’s Supply Chain program to engage directly with suppliers on sustainability initiatives and request information on the carbon footprint of purchased materials. In 2015, SABIC engaged with customers through CDP, supplying information on material carbon footprint for over 25,000 metric tons of resin. By providing this information to the market and engaging with customers, SABIC demonstrated its commitment to sustainability.

Through CDP’s Supply Chain Program, companies are using their purchasing power to reduce costs and environmental risks, and to engage the value chain to improve outcomes and strengthen relationships. It also helps companies benchmarking their company performance against peers and providing strategic insights based on corporate environmental information.

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