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Eye of Riyadh
Technology & IT | Thursday 1 February, 2024 10:07 am |

M42 launches proteomics grant competition in collaboration with SomaLogic to foster innovative research in the GCC for the first time

M42, a global tech-enabled health powerhouse, has partnered with the US-based biotechnology company SomaLogic to launch a proteomics grant competition, a first in the region, aimed at inspiring researchers to harness the vast potential of proteomics research.


Proteomics, the study of proteomes, the complete set of proteins produced in an organism, plays a pivotal role in understanding health, treatment efficacy and potential risks. M42’s commitment to advancing proteomics is evident through its collaboration with SomaLogic, who are revolutionizing life sciences and healthcare by understanding the human proteome. Leveraging its cutting-edge SomaScan® Assay.


The SomaScan Assay is a groundbreaking platform capable of 11,000 protein measurements from just a 55-µL sample, surpassing all other platforms in both protein coverage and the exploration of diverse biological pathways, offering unprecedented opportunities for scientific discovery.


The competition encourages GCC researchers to complement genomics research with proteomics as proteins offer insights into wellness, aging, medication responses and health complications. Such innovative research can help develop protein signatures that will benefit people, not just patients, including predictive tests for cardiovascular risk up to four years in advance, leading to personalized treatments and reduced long-term healthcare costs.


Dr. Fahed Al Marzooqi, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of M42, said: “As a global organization powered by innovation, we are excited to announce the launch of our Proteomics grant competition for the first time and are looking forward to receiving original and inspiring competition entries from research institutions across the GCC. M42 focuses on prevention over cure and this competition aligns with our goals of bringing personalized and preventive healthcare into the region.”


The SomaScan Assay, an industry-leading high-plex proteomic platform, enables identification of novel proteomic biomarkers and therapeutic targets for drug development. While genomics research has identified genetic variants associated with disease risk, understanding the role of proteins is equally crucial, as proteins are the essential functional molecules of the human body and the targets for over 90 percent of approved therapeutics.


Located within the Omics Center of Excellence, the M42 SomaLogic Proteomic Laboratory is the UAE’s only authorized facility to run the SomaScan Assay. 


Any research institution in the GCC is eligible to participate. Applicants should submit a concise proposal of 500 words or less outlining a pilot research project utilizing the SomaScan Assay. Proposals will be reviewed by a committee of experts and one outstanding research proposal will be selected for the grant award. The award covers the delivery of data for 40 samples worth USD 15,000 from the SomaScan assay for the analysis of human serum or plasma.


Proposals will be evaluated based on originality, clear goals, scientifically appropriate approach, the intended use of protein data and the impact on health and disease in their focus area.


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