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Business & Money | Thursday 12 March, 2015 3:08 pm |

GROHE presents “Masters of Technology”

For many decades, GROHE has been hailed an industry leader, based on the excellence of its products. Now the company is shifting attention back to its technological roots. Its new campaign underlines its status as a leading developer and manufacturer of faucets, fittings, showers and systems, which have long become integral elements of bathrooms and kitchens around the world. The “Masters of Technology” concept focuses on GROHE’s role as a driver of industry progress by highlighting its long tradition as a technical innovator while at the same time emphasising the importance of ongoing innovation and development at all levels. This is best reflected in the company’s current evolution into a supplier of complete bathrooms, something that has become possible by fusing the company’s rich experience in water fittings with the long-standing ceramics expertise of its partner, LIXIL. Emphasising the expertise and experience of GROHE’s staff, the campaign highlights the people behind these technologies as well as the user benefits.

Technological DNA harking back to 1873

The new campaign impressively demonstrates why GROHE products are held in such esteem by architects, professional installers and consumers around the globe. The idea for this concept flows from the company’s DNA, which can be traced back all the way to the year 1873. This was the year when Carl Nestler, a German developer and manufacturer of water fittings, set up his business, which became part of GROHE in 1956. His company soon emerged as a driver of industry progress and made a name for itself particularly in the field of thermostat technology. From 1936 onwards, it was Friedrich Grohe himself who pushed progress in kitchens and bathrooms worldwide through his own innovations and improvements. Outstanding results include the Euroline faucets, which remain the world’s best-selling lines of faucets, thermostatically controlled shower systems as well as the reliable and resource-saving Rapid Pro flushing system.

Driven by their love for water

The spirit of those industry pioneers continues to inspire the commitment and dedication of the present-day GROHE employees who are portrayed as the “Masters of Technology” by the new campaign. It is they who successfully combine the most advanced technologies with the highest standards of quality and sustainability requirements while at the same time creating unique designs and styles. These employees manufacture GROHE products that are guaranteed to last and are engineered for the highest levels of safety, designs that convey timeless style and are highly functional at the same time, and that help consumers adopt more sustainable lifestyles. Their passion for water and for their daily work is captured in this campaign, which shows GROHE employees carrying out their jobs with precision and an eye for detail. As such they represent the brand’s commitment to German quality, ongoing innovation, technical expertise and excellent engineering as well as its enthusiasm for timeless design. In this way, GROHE combines technical progress with genuine craftsmanship and creativity to create incomparable results. The brand’s multi award-winning products have long provided leadership for the entire sanitary industry and continue to improve people’s well-being around the world – in exclusive luxury hotels, in the workplace and, our course, in their bathrooms at home.

Unique technologies delivering superior user benefits

Users of GROHE products feel the difference on a daily basis when they get to enjoy water as encapsulated in the slogan “Pure Freude an Wasser”. The acronym “MoT” not only stands for the “Masters of Technology” portrayed in the new campaign but also for the “Moments of Truth” representing the unique features, characteristics and practical user benefits of GROHE products. Based on the company’s innovative technologies, these “Moments of Truth” determine the difference between a good product and a unique product. GROHE technologies have a direct impact on users’ satisfaction and their relationship with the product. The soothing effects of a hot shower, a relaxing soak in the tub, a cleansing steam treatment or a delicious drink of freshly filtered water are only possible thanks to professional technologies. These activities are today taken for granted but the “Masters of Technology” continue to improve them on a scientific basis. Driven by their natural curiosity, they scrutinise everything from the underlying basics to the minutest details in order to develop world-leading innovations and translate the company’s ongoing investments into marketable products. One thing is for sure, merely being “good” will never be good enough at GROHE.

Comprehensive communication concept

GROHE continues to launch outstanding products in 2015, once again confirming its traditional role as an industry pioneer and innovator. The latest innovations are the result of ongoing investments in research and development, stringent quality testing, creative work in the GROHE Design Studio and, not least, the expertise brought to bear by today’s “Masters of Technology”. Apart from GROHE employees, the campaign images also show products that exemplify the company’s proprietary technologies. GROHE supports the “Masters of Technology” campaign with ads, pack shots, POS materials, the GROHE Magazine, customer newsletters, a special edition of the “Water Enjoyment” reference book as well as activities on social media. The campaign covers all segments from GROHE Professional to bathroom and kitchen products, from GROHE SPA® to complete bathrooms. This comprehensive communication concept will further strengthen the status of GROHE as a technology leader.
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