01 Jumada I 1443 - 5 December 2021
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Eye of Riyadh
Eye of Riyadh
Culture & Education | Tuesday 28 September, 2021 1:00 am |

Rare historical photos in a joint exhibition between the King Abdulaziz Public Library and the College of Command and Staff

The King Abdulaziz Public Library, in cooperation with the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, today launched an exhibition of rare pictures of a historical nature representing different stages from before the founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the hands of King Abdulaziz Al Saud - may God rest his soul - and beyond the founding stage, where the Kingdom witnessed transformations advanced and civilized development.


The exhibition, which is held at the headquarters of the College of Command and Staff in Riyadh, was inaugurated by the college's leader, Major General Muhammad bin Jadu' al-Ruwaili, and the Director-General of the King Abdulaziz Public Library, Dr. Bandar al-Mubarak.


The exhibition - which is held on the occasion of the ninety-first national day of the founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and lasts for five days - includes 91 rare photos taken in various historical stages, the oldest of which dates back more than a century and a half, including photos taken by a number of travelers who visited the Arabian Peninsula, photographed and wrote about them. their notes and observations.


Among the pictures included in the exhibition are a variety of photo collections from the King Abdulaziz Public Library for the trip of Princess Alice, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria in 1938 AD, which is the first visit of a member of the royal family in Britain to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also includes pictures from the book: Saudi Features and Places, which It was issued by the King Abdulaziz Public Library in a number of languages, and the exhibition is accompanied by the Saudi exhibition and a pavilion for plastic arts.


The exhibition is held to enhance the national, cultural and knowledge interaction between the various national institutions, and to consolidate the values ​​of joint communication in order to consolidate the values ​​of belonging, unity, construction and development that the Kingdom is experiencing in place and position.


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