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Business & Money | Wednesday 5 June, 2024 11:00 am |

Unusual Companies Boosts Business Success in the Netherlands with Comprehensive Support

The Netherlands boasts one of the strongest economies in Europe and a prosperous environment for businesses to grow. It has a highly skilled, talented workforce, tax incentives, an excellent strategic location, and a supportive environment for local and foreign innovative-driven entrepreneurs. Gaining access to the Netherlands' business environment does not come without challenges, especially for foreigners. Therefore, working with an experienced service provider, like the renowned Unusual Companies, who can guide companies is essential. When considering company registration in the Netherlands, it’s critical to grasp the Dutch Fiscal landscape as well as the Dutch tax system. Fortunately, the country offers a highly favourable environment for foreign businesses, characterized by various financial incentives and tax considerations.


Unusual Companies is a trusted service provider and Startup Accelerator in the Netherlands that offers turn-key solutions for entrepreneurs establishing or relocating a company.


Establishing the company is the first step in building a flourishing business in the Netherlands. From deciding what type of entity is to be established, the amount of paid capital to be set, finding an official business registration address, and other complex decisions must be made. However, it is wise to make these decisions by being informed about the regulations, laws and Dutch tax system that inform these requirements regarding company registration in the Netherlands. Unusual Companies take care of the entire company establishment process for its clients. Moreover, completing the establishment of the company in just 10 days! The services offered by Unusual Companies include the incorporation process, completion of the UBO statement, KvK registration, and the company's registration at the Dutch tax office (Belastingdienst).


An essential point of concern for foreign entrepreneurs, even more so than the company establishment process, is their residency and the right to live and run a business in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is an increasingly advantageous location and famous for business, so gaining the right to live, work, and run a business is exclusive. Thankfully, the Dutch government is motivated to create an ecosystem of innovative startups. The Dutch Startup Visa is a program created and endorsed by the Dutch government to encourage innovative and tech-driven entrepreneurs outside of the EU to set up a business in the Netherlands. The specialists at Unusual Companies stand ready to assist foreigners in their Netherlands residency journey through Startup Visa Consultancy Services.


The first set of requirements for the Startup Visa in the Netherlands are the same as the standard residency criteria, including possessing a valid passport, passing security checks, and undergoing tuberculosis testing (if required). The second main requirement is regarding the startup business. The business idea needs to be innovative and have a well-structured business plan. The Dutch Enterprise Agency assesses the eligibility of business ideas based on their novelty, use of new technologies, and potential to innovative existing processes. The final requirement is that the startup work with a recognised Startup Accelerator in the Netherlands for at least their first year in the Netherlands. The accelerator provides guidance, monitors, and reports on the startup’s progress, which is crucial for extending the startup residency beyond the initial year. This can be done by extending the Startup Visa into a Self- Employment Visa.


Company registration and getting a Startup Visa in the Netherlands are complex legal procedures. Completing these procedures requires incredibly nuanced knowledge of the Dutch tax system, laws, and expectations of the Dutch Enterprise Agency. This is why it is essential to work with an experienced service provider with experience in business registration, the Startup Visa, the Dutch tax system, and, as a bonus, a Startup Accelerator in the Netherlands. Unusual Companies meets all of these requirements.


Unusual Companies, with offices in Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Istanbul, has a diverse team that assists clients in expanding their business in the Netherlands. The Unusual Companies team, which includes people from different nationalities and industries, brings a competitive edge to customer service, drawing from various backgrounds to effectively cater to clients' needs. Recognizing that every business is unique, Unusual Companies designs customized solutions tailored to each client's needs and goals. Thanks to its strong network of partners, Unusual Companies completes company registration in the Netherlands in just 10 days! As a Startup Accelerator, Unusual Companies is also permitted to guide startups throughout the Startup Visa Program, including a year-long mentorship with various events designed to strengthen the startup in the Dutch market. Due to its comprehensive support and the vastness of the Unusual Companies’ knowledge and experience, it boosts foreign businesses’ success in the Netherlands. 


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