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Environment & Energy | Monday 25 September, 2023 2:44 pm |

Supreme Audit Institution hosts ClimateScanner Event in Abu Dhabi

The Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of the United Arab Emirates announced the kick-off of the highly anticipated ClimateScanner event, taking place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) from September 25th to 28th. This international event brings together a distinguished line-up of delegates from global audit institutions, spearheaded by Minister Bruno Dantas, President of the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) and Chair of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI). 




ClimateScanner is an initiative created by the TCU, Brazil’s equivalent of SAI, and the INTOSAI Working Group on Environmental Audit (WGEA).  The project aims to encourage SAIs to produce an overview on global climate governance and governmental actions as a response to the climate crisis. 




As a tool for quick assessment of government actions for climate change, ClimateScanner focuses on three axes, namely financing, governance and public policies. Its goals are to gather, assess and consolidate data presented by participating SAIs, to communicate relevant information that supports decision-making by governments. 




H.E Humaid Obaid Abushibs, President of Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of the United Arab Emirates, said: “In the context of 2023 being designated the “Year of Sustainability” in the UAE and the Nation’s hosting of COP28, this event takes on even greater significance to us. As hosts, we are committed to facilitating productive discussions and knowledge-sharing among global SAIs. We believe that by working together, we can enhance the effectiveness of our audits and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future. Organizing the ClimateScanner Workshop reflects the UAE’s strategic vision and strong commitment towards pursuing its sustainability goals. “




“SAI consistently engages with local, regional, and international organizations to realize our vision of a better world through the preservation of public funds and all forms of resources, including earth’s natural resources, for the benefit of future generations to come,” he ended.




Minister Bruno Dantas, President of TCU and Chair of INTOSAI, said: “I am honored to be part of this vital event. Climate change is a global issue that demands coordinated action and accountability. The ClimateScanner Workshop provides an excellent platform for SAIs worldwide to strengthen their capacity to audit climate-related programs and policies effectively. Through this assembly, we emphasize the urgent need for climate action as our planet faces unprecedented challenges. We also aim to transform our knowledge and experiences into recommendations and solutions for the empowerment of nations as they become catalysts for positive change to better understand the delicate balance of human activities and the Earth’s ecosystems.”  




The ClimateScanner Workshop is poised to be a pivotal moment for the international community, bringing together auditors, policymakers, educators, and experts from diverse backgrounds to discuss innovative auditing techniques and strategies that enhance the role of SAIs in holding governments accountable for their environmental commitments. This four-day event will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, all aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the fight against climate change that remains one of the most pressing global challenges of our time.




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