07 Rabi' I 1445 - 22 September 2023
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Eye of Riyadh
Environment & Energy | Wednesday 19 April, 2023 2:33 pm |

Sharakah's support for emerging SMEs to fuel Oman's sustainable future

The Sultanate is making significant strides towards sustainable development and diversification of its economy as part of Oman Vision 2040. One of the key aspects of this vision is the support for emerging industries, including those that promote sustainability and clean energy. Sharakah, a company committed to entrepreneurship development in Oman, is playing a vital role in this process by providing support and assistance to SMEs in these sectors through impact investment.


Ali bin Ahmed Muqaibal, CEO, Sharakah says, “At Sharakah, we believe that supporting SMEs in emerging industries is critical to Oman's economic growth and diversification. These sectors have enormous potential to create new employment opportunities and contribute to sustainable development.”


Sharakah recognises the importance of diversifying Oman's economy and has identified emerging industries, particularly those that support sustainability and clean energy, as key drivers for economic growth. 


“As part of our impact investment strategy, we believe that by supporting these industries, we can help Oman achieve its goal of a more prosperous and sustainable future,” the CEO says.


Sharakah provides a range of services to SMEs in emerging industries, including awareness-raising campaigns, consultation services, and financial assistance. These services are designed to help SMEs in these sectors to overcome the challenges they face and achieve their full potential.


An appreciative emerging industry SME client of the company says, “Sharakah’s support has been instrumental in helping us to grow and expand our business. Their financial assistance and consultation services have enabled us to overcome various challenges, invest in these innovative industries and expand our operations.”


Encouraging SMEs to take up emerging businesses Ali bin Ahmed Muqaibal says, “Our company takes pride in endorsing SMEs who are dedicated to advancing sustainable development and renewable energy. We firmly believe that by means of impact investing, we can assist these enterprises in realising their utmost potential and aiding in the pursuit of Oman's sustainable future.”


As the Sultanate continues on this trail, Sharakah's commitment to impact investment will play a vital role in supporting the growth and success of emerging industries that have a positive impact on the country’s sustainable future.


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