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Eye of Riyadh
Business & Money | Tuesday 17 March, 2015 11:34 am |

Scoopi Café Launches its First Boutique Outlet in the UAE

• A wide variety of Gourmet ice cream and Luxury handcrafted chocolates available
• The first to offer unique flavors such as Medjool date and ambrosial Saffron exclusively in the region

Dubai, January 28th, 2015: Dubai finally gets a taste of royal treatment with the launch of Scoopi Café, a brainchild of Zubin Doshi. Inspired by the modernistic technique well-liked in America, Scoopi brilliantly blends elements of molecular gastronomy and use of liquid nitrogen to offer unique gourmet experience. Located conveniently on Jumeirah Beach Road, the chic parlor offers a boutique outlook that best reflects the distinct flavors of ice cream and chocolates made available at the store.
The gourmet ice cream is available from AED 15 and above, while the handcrafted chocolates are priced from AED 126 onward. Each creation is skillfully crafted from bean to bite, invoking a sophisticated and luxurious experience that aims for the highest quality. The proud assortment, provides a remarkable range of interesting ice creams including European Chocolate, Wild Strawberry, Mocha Expresso, alongside more exotic flavors inspired by other popular sweet treats, such as Medjool Date and ambrosial Saffron exclusively available at Scoopi.
The secret to the quality and taste of these sweet-toothed creations is liquid nitrogen, which is used to freeze ice cream at low temperatures, producing a smoother product with a buttery texture, in less than a minute. The rapid freezing cycle produces smaller ice crystals creating the densest and most flavorful ice cream, in just minutes, without compromising on taste.
On top of these fantastic indulgences, the brand also offers exquisite luxury handcrafted chocolates created in honor of the city’s burgeoning chocolate scene. The owner’s decision to make this addition was inspired by a holiday to Antwerp in Belgium, where he toured several handcrafted chocolate operations during his holiday sparking the idea for a new business venture. The utmost care is taken over the preparation and ingredients, all personally made and tested by the owner who does not use any artificial preservatives or emulsifiers to prolong shelf-life. Instead, he chooses to work with the finest ingredients available such as cream from Denmark, hand-picked Boiron fruit from France and chocolate from the luxury manufacturer Valrhona.
Commenting on the launch, Doshi said, “Scoopi offers its consumer’s pure pleasure from its first distinctive taste to the last bite. Popular ice-cream products in the city are priced lower, but we expect Dubai's increasingly aspirational consumers to readily pay a premium for a superior product. So far we have a got good response and we are confident that Scoopi will appeal to people who are eager to indulge in an experience that is truly unique.”
Scoopi will roll out its premium ice creams and chocolates in the city this month to cater to the growing aspirations of Dubai's discerning consumers. With the launch of this outlet, the brand marks its foray into UAE and brings its signature wholesome goodness to Dubai.
Notes to editor:
About Scoopi Cafe:
Scoopi is a creation by Zubin Doshi, in his quest to bring gourmet ice cream and handcrafted chocolates to the UAE. Scoopi's ice creams utilizes the extreme cold of liquid nitrogen to create its product and the preparation and ingredients are all personally created and tested by its owner. The brand aims for the highest quality and refuses to use artificial colors or flavorings but works with the finest ingredients such as cream from Denmark, handcrafted Boiron fruit from France and chocolate from the luxury manufacturer Valrhona. Located at Jumeirah Beach Road this store has all your classic favorites, alongside more exotic flavors inspired by other popular sweet treats, such as Medjool Date and ambrosial Saffron that is exclusively available at Scoopi.

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