16 Rabi' I 1445 - 1 October 2023
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Healthcare | Monday 10 April, 2023 3:05 pm |

Emirates Health Services Launches Innovative Mobile, Foldable “Dental Clinic” to Serve Certain Segments of Society

For the first time in the Middle East on governmental services level


  • With the aim of providing at-home dental services to people who are unable to access normal dental clinic setting
  • 7 mobile clinics will be put at service of EHS’ dental centres

Emirates Health Services (EHS) has announced the launch of a mobile, foldable dental clinic to provide at-home services for patients when in-person visits are off-limit due to certain medical and physical conditions. These services will provide cutting-edge services to all segments of society thus improving health system efficiency and providing high-quality health care in a patient-centred, conditions-sensitive and privacy-respecting manner.


H.E. Dr. Essam Al Zarouni, Acting Executive Director of the Medical Services Sector at Emirates Health Services



H.E. Dr. Essam Al Zarouni, Acting Executive Director of the Medical Services Sector at Emirates Health Services said that the EHS, through its health facilities, endeavours to diversify health care services to comply to the highest international standards, the EHS therefore sought to launch the mobile and folding Dental Clinic, a Middle East-first government health service to provide unparalleled dental services to meet certain requirements. This announcement further cements the leading position of the Services in the health care sector at regional and international levels; at the same time, it conforms to the directions of the wise UAE leadership and contributes to the realisation of the "We The UAE 2031” vision, reaching the UAE Centennial 2071 Plan goals.


Dr. Haifa Hannawi, Director of Dental Services Department at the Emirates Health Services



Dr. Haifa Hannawi, Director of Dental Services Department at the Emirates Health Services, explained that the EHS has launched 7 mobile, foldable Dental Clinics in service of its affiliated dental centres, as part of the ongoing endeavour of sustainable and integrated health services. The clinic provides certain segments of the community with access to at-home dental services. The clinic also provides the medical staff with access to specific patient groups facing an increased risk for oral and dental diseases. The mobile clinic is an integrated, modern dental unit that meets international standards with its light-weight design and ease of transport. It also includes a dental chair, a doctor's chair and an operating unit for dental equipment and tools.


Beneficial parties




In regards to the beneficiary parties, the Director of Dental Services Department explained that the mobile dental clinic aims to provide services to specific patient categories whose transportation to the dental clinic is extremely difficult or unsafe such as those who suffer from illnesses that need receiving oxygen or tube feeding, as well as those who struggle with behavioural issues such severe autism, dementia, mental illnesses, etc.


Service Request




Dr. Mousa Marashdeh, Head of Policies & Standards at Dental Services Department, stated that applications for home treatment can be made by phone with any of the UAE's specialist dentistry centers. Where the patient or a member of his family may apply for the service, and if the patient stays in a facility such as a hospital or a care home for the elderly, the manager of the facility can apply for the service on the patient's behalf. The patient's eligibility for residential care is then confirmed by reviewing his medical record at the facility or getting a medical report for the patient if he receives treatment in medical centers that do not adhere to the EHS’ guidelines. If all requirements for entitlement to the service are achieved, the date of the first home visit shall be scheduled in order to evaluate the patient's health condition and demonstrate his or her entitlement to receive this service in line with the categories indicated therein.


Home Dentistry Scope of Services


Home dentistry scope of services includes abscesses, Edemas, dental cleanings, fillings, removable dentures, repair and modification of moving formulations, treatment of diseases unique to the oral tissue, such as sores and other infections, and simple teeth displacement.


Follow-up and preventative measures


The EHS Dental Centers provide brushing and fluoride-boosted paste training to all patients receiving home care. In order to prevent tooth decay, EHS’ Dental Centers will continue to apply fluoride to all patients through routine follow-up visits and see them every three months to check on the health of their mouth and teeth.


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