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Beauty & Style | Tuesday 21 May, 2024 2:43 pm |

Creative Ideas and Solutions with “Mini Paint” Product from Jazeera Paints

In the world of paints, we may face some problems in choosing the right color or due to issues in the wall, such as moisture that may cause certain areas of the paint to peel over time, or annoying signs such as wall cracks or holes after removing an old screw. However, in the world of paints, there is a solution to every problem we may encounter, and we can solve them with simple, concise methods and less effort while saving more time.


A small plastic container with a label

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One of the most concerning issues for individuals in the world of paints and colors is how the color changes when applied to their walls, as colors are affected by external factors such as lighting and space. Additionally, when wanting to paint a small area of the wall that doesn't require a large amount of paint after solving a wall problem. “Jazeera Paints” has focused on meeting individuals' requirements and needs by providing a product that can solve such problems, named “Mini Paint”, a small can with multi-functions.


A blue paint brush on a white surface with butterflies

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How to Apply and Benefit from Mini Paint Product:


Color Testing Before Application: If you are indecisive about choosing the right color and how it differs from the lighting in your home, you can easily choose and apply the color yourself with the Mini Paint product, because it is equipped with a small paint and roller, and all you need to do is to shake the can very well, remove the label from the can’s nozzle, and then direct the package directly at a 45-degree angle to the surface you want to test the color on. It is preferable for the surface to be prepared with a white base to make the color clearer.


Repainting: If you have problems with the wall and it caused some paint removal, you should address the problem first. For example, if the problem is due to a screw hole, you should treat it by filling the hole with our special product, Jazeera Paste “Ultimate”. If there are cracks in the surface, you can treat them according to the depth and size of the crack, so if the depth is 1 cm, you can treat it with our special product Jazeera Paste “Crack Filler”, then choose one of the Mini Paint colors similar to the previously painted color to avoid noticeable differences.


To learn about wall problems and their solutions, you can refer to Jazeera Paints' application: (IOS, Android).


Creative Ideas and Solutions: One of the features of Mini Paint is that it is easy to use and safe, allowing children to explore their creativity by choosing a stencil board for their favorite characters, then painting their favorite color on the stencil. The shapes will be printed, and they will see a final painting that represents them. You can also renew the walls of children's rooms using the same idea, and if you choose “Mudee” Mini Paint color, it will be more fun for them at bedtime.


About "Jazeera Paints"


Founded in Riyadh, in 1979, “Jazeera Paints” is a company specializing in manufacturing, producing, and exporting high-quality paints in accordance with the highest sustainability and environmental security standards. Over the last decades, Jazeera Paints has successfully maintained its top-notch place as one of the most prominent companies that manufacture paints and dyes in MENA, with an annual production capacity exceeding 500,000 tons, and with more than 750 active showrooms inside and outside KSA.


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