10 Muharram 1446 - 16 July 2024
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Eye of Riyadh
Business & Money | Thursday 25 January, 2024 11:38 am |

24th Edition of CFO Leadership Summit: KSA 14th February 2024, Unveiling the Financial Horizon

In a significant leap towards shaping the financial future of Saudi Arabia, Exito Media Concepts is proud to announce the upcoming "24th Edition of the CFO Leadership Summit'' scheduled to take place in the heart of the Kingdom. Recognizing the vital role that finance leaders play in steering organizations and economies, Exito Media Concepts is organising the CFO Leadership Summit. The summit serves as a beacon for thought leadership, fostering strategic discussions essential to the critical role finance leaders undertake.

The CFO Summit is designed with a multi-faceted purpose that seamlessly aligns with Saudi Arabia's broader national objectives. At its core, the summit aims to enhance the role of the financial sector, fostering innovation, efficiency, and resilience. Discussions will delve into strategies for promoting national industry, and strengthening the Kingdom's financial position on the global stage.

Saudi Arabia: A Premier Destination for Financial Discourse

Why Saudi Arabia? 

The answer lies in the Kingdom's vibrant economy, strategic location, and visionary leadership. Saudi Arabia's commitment to economic diversification and its pivotal role in the global economy make it the perfect host for a gathering of CFOs and financial leaders. The CFO Summit promises not only a rich intellectual exchange but also an immersive experience of Saudi Arabia's unique culture and business environment.


Who are the featured speakers at the conference?


  • Awaiz Patni, CFO, Saudi Bugshan Investment Company
  • Ismail Radwan, Senior Director for Economics and Investment Strategy, Public Investment Fund (PIF)
  • Fahad Al-Aslami, Group CFO, Al Akaria
  • Samir Derbas, Group CFO, MADR Investment
  • Ronald Michel Gharib, CFO, RATP Dev
  • Ahmed Dawoud, CFO, PepsiCo
  • Muhammad Anis Younus, CFO, Al Fadhili Housing Co
  • Noura Alkahtani, Director Of Corporate Business Accounting, Ministry Of National Guard–Health Affairs and Many more!




What exciting topics can you Expect to See on the agenda for the CFO Leadership Summit?


  • Predicting the unpredictable - A Review on the Overall Economic Landscape
  • Aligning Short-Term and Long-Term Business Goals - The CEO and CFO dynamic
  • Navigating the New Environment - What does it mean for CFOs?
  • Bridging the gap - Ensuring effective business partnering
  • Money in Motion - CFOs Propelling Financial Digital Innovation
  • Strategic Investment Mastery - Identifying the Right Investments to Drive Long-term Growth for CFOs and Many more!


Participating in the CFO Summit offers a multitude of benefits for attendees and their organizations. By leveraging the collective expertise and insights shared at the event, CFOs can drive positive change within their organizations, implement best practices, and contribute to the overall economic advancement of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, the networking opportunities provided during the summit open doors for collaboration, partnerships, and business expansion.

For more information about the CFO Summit and to register, please visit : CFOleadershipsummit/ksa.com

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