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Eye of Riyadh
Technology & IT | Tuesday 4 October, 2022 4:11 pm |

TikTok Urges the Community to #EndTheStigma with Mental Well-being Campaign

TikTok has announced the launch of a mental well-being campaign in the region as part of its ongoing efforts for user safety and its commitment to build a supportive space where the community feels empowered to express themselves authentically.


With a host of in-app activations, the campaign deploys the #EndTheStigma hashtag to engage with mental health topics, raise awareness of common struggles and create communities of support. The campaign includes a comprehensive guide for mental health on the platform, where users can learn about mental well-being topics, and connect with incredible advocates from the community as well as organizations that provide essential resources.


With TikTok increasingly becoming the home for conversations about mental well-being, the #EndTheStigma campaign will also leverage the platform’s strength of community to host live sessions from mental health advocates, work with creator partners to launch videos that help end the stigma surrounding mental health, as well as provide tutorials highlighting in-app features for digital well-being that users have access to.


The #EndTheStigma hashtag aims to bring the community together to ensure that everyone has the resources they need to support their mental well-being. From checking in on one another, to sharing their own personal journeys, the campaign demonstrates TikTok’s commitment to a world where everyone has a support system to thrive, particularly in the digital age.


The campaign comes at a critical time for mental health awareness and well-being. According to the latest MENA Mental Health Day survey conducted by YouGov, 59% of Gen Z respondents (18-24 years) to the survey said they are afraid of being judged by friends and family if they were open about their mental wellbeing.


In addition, while 47% of the respondents felt comfortable talking about their mental well-being, a majority 60% of respondents said they consider their mental wellbeing just as important as their physical wellbeing.


Among the several initiatives, TikTok has partnered with experts to develop toolkits for the community to learn more about ways they can improve their well-being, better support the community, and build a supportive online conversation that boosts mental health and its awareness. One of the ways in which the Wellbeing Guide is supporting to #EndTheStigma by encouraging the community to share their mental health stories, along with supporting distressed community members where needed.


TikTok’s policies have long advocated building a safe and secure entertainment platform that prioritizes safety, inclusion, and authenticity, and some of the YouGov survey findings resonate with its own initiatives.


Nearly 59% of the survey respondents felt fairly comfortable being talked to about mental health by an online social media community, and millennials were found to be more comfortable with the online social media community speaking to them about mental well-being than the GenZs.


TikTok has always been a place to celebrate entertainment, from dances and songs to adorable animals and comedy, and ultimately spark joy within their global community. But TikTok is also a place where people come to share their unique personal stories, including those around mental health and well-being. No one’s mental health journey is the same, there are ups and downs, small victories and sometimes setbacks. But TikTok is here to support their community as they share their experiences and helpful resources and forge new, meaningful connections across the platform to help #EndTheStigma.


Check how the TikTok community is coming together through #EndTheStigma


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