17 Muharram 1446 - 23 July 2024
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Eye of Riyadh
Business & Money | Wednesday 10 July, 2024 6:59 am |

Najm Launches Advanced Telematics Initiative to Improve Safe Driving in Saudi Arabia

Najm for Insurance Services Company (Najm) today announced that it has launched a new telematics initiative to improve road safety in Saudi Arabia. The initiative, powered by advanced mobility analytics technologies, encourages safer driving practices.


Najm has partnered with Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT), known for its AI-driven DriveWell Fusion® platform for mobility analytics, and AiGeNiX, a leader in artificial intelligence-based analytics, with a significant presence within KSA and regional clients, on the initiative. Together, they will offer world-class information solutions, analyze and process advanced driving data, and provide actionable insights to reduce accidents and improve road safety.


Senior executives from Najm, CMT, and AiGeNiX, along with “Insurance Authority”, “Saudi Insurance”, and leaders from the insurance industry, participated in the signing ceremony held at the Mövenpick Hotel Riyadh today.


Najm’s telematics initiative provides an advanced mechanism for measuring driving behavior across the Kingdom. The technology can collect and analyze data and evaluate drivers’ risk levels compared to accepted standards. By installing a smart device in the vehicle, the system measures driving elements like speed, acceleration, braking, handling turns, and adhering to traffic regulations.


Mr. Mohammed Y. Al Shehri, CEO of Najm for Insurance Services Company said “This initiative reflects Najm’s continuous role in advancing technology that improves services and empowers the insurance and safety sectors to reduce driving risk. This initiative will help reduce crashes and death rates, and protect everyone from road hazards, helping meet the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals.” 


Mr. Al-Shehri continued “Through pioneering technology and strategic partnerships with global leaders like CMT and AiGeNiX, Najm is setting a new standard for road safety in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The initiative not only works to improve driving standards, but also creates a qualitative shift in driving behavior and insurance practices, which will enhance safety for all road users, enabling a safer and smarter driving environment across the country.”


“CMT has rapidly expanded worldwide in the past few years. Today, we power the most sophisticated mobility programs in the world, making roads and drivers safer on five continents, protecting millions of people every day. We are thrilled to partner with Najm on this groundbreaking telematics initiative and to bring safer roads to Saudi Arabia,” said William V. Powers, co-founder and CEO of CMT. “With our DriveWell Fusion platform, we can provide insights into driving behaviors that not only help reduce crashes and save lives in Saudi Arabia, but inspire the next generation of infrastructure projects across the Kingdom. This collaboration with Najm is a critical step toward meeting the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals and creating safer, smarter roads for everyone.”


Najm has already partnered with a number of insurance companies to adopt the new telematics system and encourage customers to use sensors that measure driving behavior and compliance with traffic rules. The system follows international best practices and helps insurance companies improve their operations and services. Drivers can earn rewards and discounts on their vehicle insurance based on their driving habits.


Najm for Insurance Services is a Saudi closed unlisted joint stock company established in 2007 to promote the vehicle insurance sector in Saudi Arabia. Najm offers a complete range of solutions and insurance services for citizens, residents, and visitors in 44 Saudi cities through a skilled Saudi workforce.


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