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Cars & Autos | Tuesday 3 January, 2023 4:13 pm |

Lexus RZ adopts alternative to conventional passenger compartment heating

Lexus revealed that the brand's first 100% electric model, the RZ, is equipped with a radiant heating system, which heats up occupants more quickly and reduces energy consumption.


The Japanese brand announced that the RZ is the first Lexus model to use this cabin heating system, unlike traditional heating, which heats the air, the two panels in the front passenger compartment of the RZ use infrared radiation to heat only solid objects in its line of action.


In this way, it heats up the driver and front passenger faster than conventional climate control systems. In addition, it consumes about 8% less energy, since it provides heat only when necessary, reducing the load on the air conditioning system and contributing to the safeguarding of the vehicle's autonomy.


This new heating system results from two radiant heaters installed at knee height in the lower area of the dashboard and steering column. If the driver or passenger comes into physical contact with the panel, its temperature is automatically reduced to 43°C to avoid discomfort.


Lexus added that radiant heating is also available in the RZ 450e range and complements normal cabin heating, which can be used more moderately while radiant heat is being generated.


This new radiant heating system is part of the 'Lexus Climate Concierge', a multi-zone air conditioning system that automatically adjusts the heating and cooling systems of the passenger compartment, seats, and steering wheel to guarantee optimal thermal comfort for all occupants of the car.


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