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Technology & IT | Monday 4 September, 2023 1:26 pm |

HONOR Unveils Its Revolutionary Foldable Technologies with Debuting HONOR Magic V2 at IFA 2023

As HONOR’s latest premium flagship foldable smartphone, the HONOR Magic V2 boasts a high-quality and highly capable foldable form factor, stunning display, all-day battery life, and flagship performance. This combination delivers a user experience that is truly unparalleled.


One of the key breakthroughs is that the thickness and weight of the HONOR Magic V2 once again break through the industry standard to rival slate flagship phones, so that the foldable is no longer just a patent for small group of the people, but a flagship daily use experience for almost everyone.

With the HONOR Magic V2, HONOR pushes the boundaries of innovation for foldable devices. Weighing only 231g[ and measuring 9.9mm in thickness when folded, the HONOR Magic V2 features an ultra-slim and lightweight design to usher the thickness of foldable phone below 1 cm for the very first time. The goal is to offer a comprehensive solution that satisfies consumers’ desires for flagship performance.


The HONOR Magic V2’s superior lightweight design and premium build quality are enabled by the use of breakthrough materials like the titanium alloy in our innovative hinge and second-generation nanocrystal glass. The hinge can be endured over 400,000 folds, while the nanocrystal glass offers 10 times greater drop resistance compared to typical glass. Powering the immersive display is a 5000mAh dual-cell silicon-carbon battery[4], providing all-day battery life and rapid charging via the included 66W supercharger.


In addition, the HONOR Magic V2's display experience is outstandingly enhanced, with a 120Hz high refresh rate on the inner and external displays, and the industry's highest 3840 PWM Dimming technology[5] used for the first time on a foldable display, allowing for excellent browsing and entertaining experience while also taking into account eye protection.


9.9mm Ultra-slim and Lightweight Design

Exceptionally slim and lightweight, the HONOR Magic V2 measures just 231g[6] in weight and 9.9mm[7] in thickness.  As the lightest and thinnest foldable smartphone currently on the market, it surpasses even flagship slate phones in its compact design. This makes it perfect for today’s always-on generation seeking limitless mobility.


Super-light Titanium Hinge

This revolutionary hinge design showcases significant advancements across three major aspects – materials, structure, and craftsmanship: For the first time, HONOR has utilized titanium alloy, an aerospace-grade material, in the hinge design of its foldable screen. In addition, the HONOR’s proprietary steel, employed in the hinge's main body, expertly balances thickness and durability, resulting in a slim and robust design that sets a new standard for excellence. The mortise and tenon integral molding technology allows successful integration of the hinge shaft cover and hinge body, which significantly reduces the internal space and overall thickness of the hinge. 


This cutting-edge methodology paves the way to usher the thickness of foldable phone below 1 cm for the very first time, a breakthrough that could signal a new era of technological advancement in the folding field.


This revolutionary hinge has earned HONOR Magic V2 to withstand more than 400,000 folds. Its exceptional properties pave the way for worry-free usage, even if the device is folded 100 times a day, ensuring a lifespan of up to ten years. 


Thanks to the sophisticated and improved hinge design, the HONOR Magic V2 exhibits no gaps between screens when folded.


Convergence of Optimal Display Technology and Aesthetic Excellence

The HONOR Magic V2 boasts a stunning dual LTPO display that elevates the user experience to new heights. Moreover, the cutting-edge 3840Hz PWM Dimming technology minimizes eye strain and ensures a comfortable viewing experience, even during extended periods of use. With the 120Hz high refresh rate on the inner and external displays, it's much easier to get a smooth browsing and entertainment experience.


With a screen-to-body ratio of over 90%, the internal and external display of HONOR Magic V2 also allows users to view content and input text with remarkable ease. The 7.92 inches large internal display brings users an immersive, tablet-like experience, making the HONOR Magic V2 a two-in-one device for business and entertainment, perfect for users to fulfill different purposes from work to entertainment in life.


The HONOR Magic V2 supports a HDR 10+, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and 1.07 billion colors, enabling users to enjoy compelling visuals in true-to-life colors.


Upgraded Camera Capabilities for Photographic Excellence

The HONOR Magic V2 sets a new standard in smartphone photography and videography, featuring a triple rear camera setup that includes 50MP Main Camera (f/1.9, OIS), a 50MP Ultra-Wide Camera (f/2.0), and a 20MP Telephoto Camera (f/2.4, OIS), allowing users to produce decent photos with its superior light sensing capabilities. The front-facing dual camera setup features two 16MP Cameras (f/2.2) and supports various capture modes for creators to capture and produce content effortlessly.


HONOR has also improved its intelligent AI Recognition technology for better image identification, offering users a more intelligent and efficient photography experience with revolutionary features like HONOR Motion Sensing Capture.


HONOR Motion Sensing Capture taps into an AI network trained, enabling the camera to recognize different scenarios with precision, identify the highlights in every scenario, and help users capture the best frame in running, jumping, or smiling. Perfect for capturing someone jumping for joy or competing in a fast-paced sports tournament, this intuitive feature allows users to become the best creators anytime, anywhere.


In addition, the all-new Super-light Titanium Hinge enables an exceptional free hovering experience with different angles, offering a flexible and unique photography experience to users.


System-level Parallel Space Function to Provide Maximum Security and Privacy

The HONOR Magic V2 utilizes a system-level Parallel Space protected by a discrete security chipset, providing users with a secure and private environment for their sensitive information. With the parallel space, users can store confidential documents and photos, run confidential applications, and keep their personal information safe from prying eyes. The isolated parallel space can be used simultaneously with the main space, offering easy cross-space interactions, strict access control with user identity authentication and extra encryption, providing enhanced privacy protection.




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