13 Muharram 1446 - 19 July 2024
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Eye of Riyadh
Technology & IT | Wednesday 14 February, 2024 8:53 am |

Deloitte delivers cutting-edge insights on government transformation and cybersecurity at World Government Summit

Deloitte, the leading global professional services firm, has taken center stage as the official knowledge partner at the World Government Summit 2024, presenting two pivotal reports on the summit's opening day, shedding light on the topics of government transformation as well as cybersecurity in cloud computing.


The first report titled “Government acceleration and transformation”, charts a strategic roadmap for governmental evolution. It sheds a spotlight on regional governments such as the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia who are taking leading steps in this field on a global level. Showcasing the innovative strides taken by these countries in adopting smart government solutions to usher an era of administrative renaissance.


Complementing this, the second report, titled "Cloud Cybersecurity: A Keystone for Inclusive Economic Growth in the Digital Era” delves into the critical nexus between digital services and economic advancement. In an era where digitalization propels economic growth, cybersecurity in cloud computing emerges as a linchpin for safeguarding national and citizen data, ensuring seamless public service delivery, fostering trust in digital governance, adhering to regulatory standards, and providing secure digital innovation.


Mohannad Tayem, Government & Public Services leader at Deloitte Middle East, said, "At the core of transformative governance is the pivotal role of innovation. In the quest for sustainable transformation, nations are recognizing the imperative role of technology education in building a future-ready workforce. Countries can draw valuable lessons from those who have progressed further in their transformation journey as they shape their future strategies."


"Cloud cybersecurity is a critical aspect of government digital transformation. Its importance spans from protecting sensitive data and ensuring the continuity of public services, to building public trust, enabling innovation, and countering the ever evolving cyber threats," he added. 


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