13 Muharram 1446 - 19 July 2024
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Eye of Riyadh
Business & Money | Tuesday 5 March, 2024 10:15 am |

"BHM Capital" secures the largest share of new investor accounts in the Dubai Financial Market

BHM Capital, a leading financial institution in the capital markets of the United Arab Emirates, commenced 2024 with a strong success. During the past two months, January and February, the data released on the Dubai Financial Market website showed the company's acquisition of the largest share of new investor accounts, surpassing all brokerage firms listed in the market in this field. Additionally, BHM Capital sustained its top rankings in terms of trading volume and value in the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange during the same period of the current year.




The company managed to acquire 29% of the total new accounts in the market during January and February 2024, with 1190 new accounts opened in January (out of 4465 new accounts opened by investors in the Dubai Financial Market in the same month), and 1792 new accounts opened in February (out of 5557 new accounts opened in the market in the same month). This significantly contributed to increasing trading activity in the market and enhancing the listed company stocks by attracting a larger number of investors.




BHM Capital maintained its top position in terms of trading percentages and volume in the country’s markets. The company captured a share of 17.09% of the total trading volume in the Dubai Financial Market during February, amounting to AED 1,195,635,650. Similarly, in terms of traded value, it reached AED 1,793,981,766.85 in January, with a percentage of 11.33%, and in trading volume, it reached AED 824,173,545 in January, with a percentage of 13.56%. 




In the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, the company continued to maintain its position among the top-ranked in trading volume and value among 28 licensed brokers in the market during January and February, with AED 3,063,875,381.93 and a percentage of 5.93% in January, and AED 2,631,664,279.84 and a percentage of 5.96% of the total trading value in February. 
Recently, the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange honored the company with three awards during the annual ceremony held by the market, acknowledging its effectiveness and influence in enhancing performance and encouraging trading activities.




Abdel Hadi Al Sa’di, the CEO of BHM Capital, commented on this new achievement: "We are proud of achieving these results, which are an inevitable outcome of the company's adoption of the latest technologies and a continuation of our results announced for the year 2023, which has strengthened BHM Capital's presence in the local financial markets, enabling it to meet investors' expectations and provide them with better opportunities to benefit from the offerings of companies listed in the market, thereby simultaneously strengthening the United Arab Emirates’s economy. 




He added, “We extend our gratitude to all our clients for entrusting us with their business, and we also thank the board members and employees for their dedication and support. We remain committed to provide all possible facilities and innovative services to our clients to enable them to access local and international financial markets quickly, easily, and securely, whether through our website or smart trading applications, offering a wide range of financial services and investment tools, including primary brokerage services, investment management, liquidity providing, market making, advisory, and company research, which maintain our leadership in the financial sector in the UAE and the region.”




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