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Healthcare | Friday 28 October, 2022 8:30 am |

Benefits of Introducing Children to Futuristic Technologies in Early Years

By-Lined Column by Tanja Spasojevic, General Manager of Ora, the Nursery of the Future


As the world transforms to digitization, technologies as artificial intelligence, IoT, 3D printing, robotics analogue and digital are promoting the ordinary approach to learning with futuristic frameworks that encourage natural curiosity amongst children in early years. These technologies not only prepare them to be responsible and independent citizens of the future, but also pave way for happiness, positivity, self-expression and strengthen and display confidence better. When ideas that seem impossible are given a positive push, their experiential journey to think beyond the box gets boosted. 


As such, novel and futuristic approach with methodologies can combine the best of two worlds: tradition and future and serve as a milestone in the lives of both you and your child, who is in the early stage of development. Wondering how? 


 Here are some critical areas that will see an overall boost -




Learning backed by future-conscious technology is a strong supporter of not just academic skills, but also soft skills. It motivates children, who are in their early years to leap ahead with thoughts and have broader perspectives when it comes to decision making, ideation or thinking logically. Techniques required for fields like coding and robotics offer hands-on experience and fuel imagination to design solutions uniquely, making children more confident and assertive. 




Indulging in learning futuristic technology helps children explore skills like taking risks, being comfortable in choices, and also assists them develop physically, cognitively and emotionally at a faster rate than at any other time in their lives. Innovation becomes an exciting adventure that makes children explore, learn and grow, thus being independent.




Early Years education sets standards for the learning and development. As children find solutions on their own and learn to solve problems, it allows them to face life head-on. They understand that it is ok to not know, but at the same time continue pushing hard to achieve their goal. This helps them develop resilience and prepares them to not give up in any situation in their life!


All in all, futuristic technology can have several positive effects right from instilling an entrepreneurial spirit to offering creativity, problem solving skills, relationship building, freedom of expression and more. That’s not all, introducing children in their early years to these revolutionary technologies helps them embrace the world positively and encourages wonder, curiosity, and fun.


The generation today are avid tech lovers so indulging their interest into the skills of the future isn’t hard. However, that doesn’t imply that these technologies are just run-of-the-mill ideas, rather children should be given a chance to explore concepts in a stimulating and social learning environment that are ahead in terms of thinking process and creativity.


From discovering creative liberty to building connections, from being empowered to working through complex problems, the pros of technology are plenty. A future conscious approach can not only help children lead happy and positive lives, but also fuel their imaginations with a stronger foundation for a better life.


As parents and educators, it is important that we offer children an inspirational and ever-changing learning process in their early years. This should be driven by futuristic technology that lays the foundation for a unique learning experience and enables them to achieve their dreams and succeed in a world that will be very different from the times we live in today.


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