12 Muharram 1446 - 18 July 2024
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Business & Money | Thursday 8 February, 2024 3:32 am |

At PIF Private Sector Forum, Saudi Coffee Company Inks 9 Key Agreements, Promoting Sustainability

Saudi Coffee Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund, is set to take part in the upcoming PIF Private Sector Forum, underscoring its commitment to advancing the local coffee industry through the signing of nine agreements. The forum, serving as a meeting ground for private sector companies to engage with the PIF and its entities, will serve to bridge together entrepreneurs, investors, and suppliers in Saudi Arabia.


Spearheading its collaboration with the private sector, this forum allows Saudi Coffee Company to foster strong relations and liaisons with suppliers, vendors, and the private sector and to contribute to the overall growth and success of businesses across the Kingdom.


Commenting on their participation, Khalid Abu Theeb, CEO, Saudi Coffee Company said: "Our presence at this forum marks a crucial step in our mission to elevate the Saudi coffee industry. With our strategic partnerships and collaborations, we reinstate our commitment to sustainability and sector growth, both locally and globally - proudly contributing to the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and the diversification of the economy."


Saudi Coffee Company will have a booth showcasing the company's development initiatives and sustainability efforts, covering topics such as its production factory, Green Beans’ supply, the Saudi Coffee Company Academy, the Saudi Coffee Company Model Farms, and its brand Jazean. Visitors will have the chance to experience local coffee and local coffee traditions firsthand. 


In addition to empowering small and medium-sized enterprises in the coffee industry, the agreements will allow Saudi Coffee Company to explore mentorship, funding, and resourcing opportunities aimed to catalyze the local coffee market. 



MoU with Farrelly & Mitchell:

Saudi Coffee Company has signed an MoU with Farrelly & Mitchell to design a comprehensive sustainability framework for the company, as part of its commitment to ensure sustainable practices from seed to cup. The signing ceremony will take place between CEO Khalid Abu Theeb and Saudi Arabia Partner Eng. Najeeb Hamad AlHumaid. The signing will also further enhance sustainability in the local coffee sector according to international principles.


Contract with Saudi Argo:

This will be a 5-year collaboration between SCC and Saudi Argo to provide advanced irrigation solutions in order to rationalize irrigation water consumption for Saudi Coffee Company’s farms, with an aim to cultivate 10 million coffee trees by 2030. The signing will involve Rakan Hariri, Sales and Distribution Director at Saudi Coffee Company and Saudi Argo CEO Nameer AlMuhtar .


Contract with Zamil Steel:

Saudi Coffee Company signed a contract with Zamil Steel Company to supply almost 900 tons of Pre-Engineered Buildings for the Saudi Coffee Company factory in Jazan, Saudi Arabia. This contributes to enhancing local products in a collaboration that will last for 2-5 years.

The signing was attended by Saudi Coffee Company’s CEO, Khalid Abu Theeb, and the President of Zamil Steel Company, Nawaf Mohammed Al Zamil.


Contract with Altanfeethi company:

This collaboration comes to supply Altanfeethi company with local roasted beans from Jazan, as well as essential barista training for coffee serving across their halls. 


Purchasing contract with local contracting companies:

The Saudi Coffee Company signed purchasing contracts with local contracting companies in order to construct reliable infrastructure for farm lands in Jazan. This cooperation comes as part of the Saudi Coffee Company’s plan to advance the coffee sector in the region. This cooperation will include signings with Mishari Contracting Establishment, Emaar Al-Dayer Contracting EST, and Tower Chains Foundation.

The signing ceremony was attended by Khalid Abu Theeb, CEO of Saudi Coffee Company, Hassan bin Yahya Al-Maliki and Mishari bin Hassan Al-Maliki from the Mishari Contracting Establishment, Farhan bin Hussein Al-Kubaishi Al-Maliki and Muhammad bin Salman Al-Kubaishi Al-Maliki from the Emaar Al-Dayer Contracting EST, and Abdullah bin Ahmed Salem Athwani and Yahya bin Muhammad Al-Shabani Al-Maliki from Tower Chains Foundation.


Purchasing contract with Elixer AlBun:

Saudi Coffee Company is supplying Elixeri AlBun with green beans through its local coffee shops with transparent grading and quality. It will also train employees on roasting, tasting, and preparing green beans in order to accentuate the quality of the local product. The signing ceremony will involve Rakan Hariri, Sales and Distribution Director at Saudi Coffee Company, and Ahmed Al-Kharji from Elixir AlBun.


MoU with Al Hokair Group:

Saudi Coffee Company is collaborating with AlHokair Group by providing coffee for their hotel chains across the Kingdom and giving essential training for baristas through the Saudi Coffee Company Academy, ensuring the enhancement of the full value chain of the coffee industry. The signing ceremony will involve Saudi Coffee Company CEO Khalid Abu Theeb and Al Hokair Group CEO Majed AlHokair. 


Purchasing contract with Bon Café:

The contract will extend a partnership between Saudi Coffee Company and Bon Café, where Saudi Coffee Company will provide the renowned coffeeshop with filter coffee for both their cold and hot beverages. This is part of Saudi Coffee Company’s efforts to provide reliable, local coffee beans for the local brands, in order to build up the Kingdom’s coffee industry. The signing ceremony will include Rakan Hariri, Sales and Distribution Director at Saudi Coffee Company  and Omar Bagafaar, owner at Bon Café.


Purchasing contract with Barnz Coffee:

Saudi Coffee Company is supplying Barnz Coffee with locally produced specialty coffee promoting the high-quality local coffee production, to boost the demand for the production of the Saudi coffee farmers. The signing ceremony will involve Rakan Hariri, Sales and Distribution Director at Saudi Coffee Company and Eng. Mohamed Zain.


Saudi Coffee Company's participation in the PIF Private Sector Forum signifies a pivotal moment in the development of the Saudi coffee industry. SCC's dedication to sustainable practices, strategic partnerships, and support for the private sector positions it as a key player in advancing the Kingdom's coffee sector, in alignment with Vision 2030.


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