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The National Information Center (NIC)

The National Information Center (NIC)

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In 1979, The National Information Center (NIC),( formerly Computer Center), was established affiliating with the Ministry of the Interior, as the kingdom of Saudi Arabia had highly valued the importance of information preservation. Afterward, the creation of the information system began at the ministry of the Interior. After one year, the center’s name changed to the General Department of Central Information. The department continued actively to take advantage of saved information. Two years later, the department’s name changed to National Information Center. At that time, the center has completed providing solutions for technology and development service and facilitating the procedures for all sectors affiliating with the ministry of the Interior. From 2017, before transferring to the presidency of State Security, the center was providing the presidency of State Security with high efficient electronic service till Aug 31st, 2019. On that day and after the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority ‘s establishment, the center transferred to SDAIA.

The National Information Center seeks earnestly to provide the latest technology services and digital solutions for government entities in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, leading to improving the efficiency and safety of the e-government assets according to the global best practices. The NIC seeks persistently to improve the development of various sectors considering as the first provider for visions and the artificial intelligence techniques’ analysis, and regarding as one of the three affiliated bodies for the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority as well.

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