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Jazeera Paints

Jazeera Paints

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1. History
Founded in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1979, Jazeera Paints is a pioneering paint
manufacturer in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Middle East and North Africa
region (MENA), with an established reputation for manufacturing and exporting high-
quality and eco-friendly paints. Since the founding of the company, its production
capacity has grown to 400,000 tonnes annually, and Jazeera Paints is now displayed in
more than 650 active showrooms.
Jazeera Paints is the leading company, outside the United States, that
manufactures high-quality products following the international standards, allowing it to
acquire several certificates. For example, Jazeera Fire Damp paint products are
certified by Exova Warringtonfire, a certification that ensures safety and quality
compliance. The company operates with the highest international standards and follows
the ISO management systems, including OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and
ISO 45001.
The company aims to deliver the leading and most competitive paint products in
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the GCC, and the entire MENA region. In addition, it
aspires to maintain long-term, sustainable partnerships with industry players and clients
and to forge new ones, reflecting our commitment to conduct business in a responsible
manner and to generate value for our stakeholders. Furthermore, it seeks to
continuously raise the quality standards of our products and achieve excellence in the
industry through knowledge and expertise coupled with balanced growth.
Products of Jazeera Paints are sold across the Kingdom in more than 650
company showrooms located in strategic locations. The staff at these showrooms are
dedicated and professionally trained to assist clients in choosing the product that best
suits their needs and tastes. The potential of the paint industry is boundless. Jazeera
Paints strives to harness every opportunity to win the trust of its customers through the
creation of paints that color their lives. Jazeera Paints is committed to fulfilling its promise of quality and innovation in all its products, while maintaining a world class standard of professionalism and excellence. Through the Jazeera Paints Academy, Jazeera Paints endeavors to raise the level of quality and progress of the paint industry in the region. In 2012, the academy became the first institution to offer specialized training in paint manufacturing and applications in the GCC countries and in the entire MENA region. Moreover, in its
pursuit to maximize investments in a certain field of scientific research related to
nanotechnology, Jazeera Paints has signed an agreement of cooperation with King
Saud University with the aim of revolutionizing the paint industry.
To further support these efforts, Jazeera Paints has a dedicated research and
development (R&D) center that specializes in evaluation and testing of paint products in
the uniquely harsh weather conditions of the GCC and MENA region.

2. Organizational Structure
At the head of the organizational structure at Jazeera Paints is Mr. Abdullah Saud Al-
Romaih, the CEO of Jazeera Paints, followed by Mr. Abdulilah Saud Al-Romaih, CEO Vice
President, Mr. Nasser Mohammed Al-Romaih, CEO Vice President, Mr. Ali Fareed Al-Yami,
Chief Human Resource Officer, Mr. Asim Mansour Al-Malik, Chief Legal Officer, Mr. Marwan
Salem Al-Marji, Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Ahmad Mahmoud Taleb, Chief Sales and
Marketing Officer, Mr. Mustafa Kamal Yunus, Chief Information Technology Officer, Mr.
Mohamed Azhar Waryam, Operation Director, Mr. Wael Mohammed Al-Romaih, Business
Development Director, Mr. Faisal Latif Abdulatif, Supply Chain Director, Mr. Yahya Ibrahim
Syam, Marketing Director, Mr. Mohammed Alrushoodi, Public Relations Manager, Mr. Wesam
Marwan AbuHamdah, Digital Transformation Manager, Mr. Anas Al-Zaaq, Legal Adviser, Mr.
Hassan Mounir Bassyouni, Research and Development Manager, Mr. Zeeshan Ahmad, Research and Development Manager, Mr. Hikmat Mousa Zwairi, Organizational Development Manager, Mr. Omar Abdullah Faraj, Accounting Manager, Mr. Khaja Hafeezuddin Habeebuddin, Projects General Manager, Mr. Ayman Abdulrazaq Nassri, IT Operation Manager, Mr. Mohammed Al- Asal, Plant Manager, Mr. Elsayed Hosni Mahmud, Technical Support Manager, Mr. Tala Sami Al-Harbi, Admin Manager, Mr. Mohammed Mahmoud Qandil, Financial Reports Manager, Mr. Mamoun Sobhi Al-Ashqaar, Showrooms and Agent Sales Manager, Mr. Ibraheem Abdullah Al- Samnan, Talent Acquisition Section Head, Mr. Ahmad Issam Ibrahiam, Budget and Cost Manager, Mr. Mohammed Ayed Al-Ghutham, Export Sales Manager, Mr. Deaia Ali, UAE Sales Manager, and Mr. Rama Rao Nagendran, Sales Export Manager – Africa and Far East.

3. Employees
A total number of more than 4,000 employees currently work for Jazeera Paints across
the world.

4. Activities
Jazeera Paints is best known for its high quality of paint products that sealed its position
as the leading paint manufacturer in the GCC and MENA region with a production capacity of
400,000 tonnes annually.
The company offers more than 450 different products, from architectural, decorative,
industrial, and marine products to protective paint, wood paint, and fire-resistant paint products, among other unique products. The product range has been carefully designed to meet the needs and expectations of customers when it comes to preference for base paints, pastes, insulation, external textures, and interior paints. The products the company offers range from: architectural paints, protective coatings, dry mortar products, marine coatings, floor coatings, road marking paints, fireproofing paints, tank lining coatings, insulation paints, coil coatings, wood paints, and solvents.
At Jazeera Paints, we appreciate colors and understand that each hue and shade create an
ambience that affects the atmosphere in different ways. The company derives inspiration from
more than 2,000 different colors, assorted into unique and inspiring collections in sync with
modern infrastructure. Jazeera Paints has put its heart and soul into creating catalogs of color
combinations that are the result of collaboration by the region’s leading color experts. Customers also have the option to sift through the Jazeera Paints solution books to help them choose color themes for their homes. The solution books include instructions on how to color match in a modern style for any kind of rooms, whether it is the bedroom, the hall, bathroom, children’s play areas, or even the kitchen, among other areas.
For Jazeera Paints to achieve this voluminous production, the company relies on its
factories in both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Republic of Egypt. Jazeera Paints
has five large-scale, round-the-clock operating plants in Saudi Arabia with a production capacity of more than 400,000 tonnes of paint products and construction solutions every year. The plants utilize highly sophisticated monitoring systems to ensure that only the highest quality of products is delivered to the market. Having established a huge customer base with more than 40 years of experience, Jazeera Paints is committed to achieving the best of everything, from protecting the property of our clients to renovating them into beautiful architecture—with the help of our interior and exterior decoration products. The facilities feature: six production sections, six raw material warehouses, and three finished goods warehouses.
Based on the regional and global expansion strategy of Jazeera Paints Factory, at the
beginning of 2021, the company successfully opened a huge new factory in the Arab Republic of Egypt with a production capacity of more than 100,000 tonnes annually. The factory is well
equipped and powered by state-of-the-art technologies and machinery to provide innovative,
creative, and high-quality products.
Moreover, research and development (R&D) are of the utmost concern in Jazeera Paints.
Since innovation is at the heart of Jazeera Paints, the company puts a huge emphasis on R&D. The first R&D center the company established was in 1993. The center is equipped to manage all the field testing, product experiments, and inspection of our products.
The goal of the R&D center is to ensure that the products developed and sent to the
market are compatible with the harsh weather conditions of GCC countries and MENA region,
where temperatures tend to rise quite high, sometimes above 50°. Based on the same policies and processes of the most advanced R&D centers in the world, the Jazeera Paints’ R&D center has been allocated a budget of tens of millions of Saudi riyals. With a unique one-step product innovation process, the center strives to create better solutions in the construction field and improve existing products through innovation. The center employs highly competent engineers and experts who conduct continuous research using the latest technologies and who develop products in accordance with the expectations and requirements of our clients.

As a paint manufacture, Jazeera Paints realizes that quality control forms an integral part
of the manufacturing process where raw material, packing material, intermediate goods, and
finished goods undergo a thorough analysis of various physical and functional parameters. The quality control department of the paint factory was established in 1979. Since then, it has been actively involved in ensuring the best quality products using state-of-the-art equipment. Today, the department has expanded from a single lab facility to an extensive operational complex, including one main lab, a separate color lab, and five quality control sections to support various activities.
Jazeera Paints is proud to manage a huge logistics fleet that is organized, monitored, and
directed by a professional team that distributes inventory to the company’s 650 showrooms
efficiently and accurately throughout the GCC and MENA region.

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Respected Sir/ Madam my name is Harsha i am working for Asian Paints llc Oman til today i hv working for six years . I m working in production department.i hv knowledge in touchwood,primers& sealers
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IAM Painter Artist from Nepal....before I worked mas paint Dammam
Mohammed Ayub Khan Sunday 29 August, 2021 3:04 pm
As an experienced project/Construction manager with a proven record of delivering mega projects to the satisfaction of the client, my goal is to leverage my skills and knowledge for the growth and the success of the company and myself.

I am looking forward to meet the client to share the insights of the completed projects and ideas that will be utilized to complete the assigned tasks as per the requirement and satisfaction of the Company.
reem abdullah Saturday 11 July, 2020 11:44 am
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